Delve into the origins & evolution of Homo Sapiens, the development of their social & cultural relations, behaviors, & how varied evolutionary paths & outside influences have shaped cultural manifestations. Between zero and one dwell a myriad variable tangents worth exploring with an eye to empower the commerce, communications, and creative prospects of a humanity stepping boldly into the Digital Age. The past is more than a litany of names and dates; delve into the lessons awaiting learned consideration or find yourselves condemned to repeat the mistakes of your elders over and over again. Predicting weather means more than a windsock and a moist finger held aloft. Explore atmospheric conditions, understand dynamically changing phenomenon, & extrapolate developing trends from correlated data. To understand a place in the Universe, you first have to look out and appreciate the vastness of space. Daily new stars avail themselves to our telescopic tools & new mysteries ask us to put prejudices aside. At the core of the human condition strands of DNA afford road maps, blueprints, and codex libraries awaiting us to discern and decipher them, catalog what lessons we learn to better begin to shape our future. The heart of systems essential to society. From airlines to toys, from medical facilities to theme parks, industrial engineers design solutions to improve complex systems of people, technology, & information. We pride ourselves on a balanced Scientific approach to  better tackle key global issues like climate change, sustainable food solutions, & synthesizing new materials to replace diminishing natural resources. Zoology is more than animals in the zoo. It's the scientific study of animal biology from the perspective of the entire animal organism through methods as diverse as those from any scientific field. Delve into conscious self discovery while exploring the global diversity of approaches to studies of general & fundamental problems connected to reality, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, & language. Stuck on a puzzle? Need help finding an elusive code? Feeling adventurous for more trail heads? Want to talk to other players? Check out the forums on Grind City's very own Electric Antler Forums! Grind City's go to source of news, weather, editorial, sports, and the latest on local art, theater, music, & civic occasions. Aiming to inform the community while also helping to being everyone together. The world is ever changing and our industry is to further fuel these changes. Innovation, industry, and intrepid spirit inspires us to make our work amount to making the world work better for you. Studios provide a social & curricular framework with representational skills such as drawing, modelling, and construction. Students also study history, theory, & ethical professional principles of practice. Our faculty of distinguished composers, scholars, & performers, produces graduates who work in all aspects of the music industry; from performers & composers to writers, scholars, teachers, & technicians. A pioneer for art education since opening its doors in 1906, we've cultivated outstanding artists, scholars, business people, & community leaders to employ design thinking to solve complex global problems. Teaching students the critical skills needed to think as leaders within an increasingly global community, and to make better innovative & sustainable decisions on behalf of the people & resources they manage. Successful science combines both "curiosity-driven" and "solution-driven” research. As such, we've chosen to coalesce around three key foci: evolutionary genomics, quantitative genetics, & sustainable systems. After decades of exciting research we've made amazing progress understanding single cells, complex organisms,& diverse populations; unraveling myriad mysteries of how species interact & environmentally adapt. To develop knowledge, skills, & attitudes that promote maturity, collaboration, life-long learning, empathy, cultural sensitivity, accountability, & humility to practice medicine ethically and honestly. Learn the planning, design, & construction of major infrastructure & civic services affecting communities & the environment; including roads, tunnels, bridges, water supplies, & building developments. Bring geophysics, geomechanics, geochemistry, geobiology, & field geology together to understand modern Earth to better begin coping with climate change, human impact, & the demands of increasing populations. Providing facilities for sports and games activities targeting the holistic development of each student through sport and a variety of sports club activities. A key part of a healthy mind is a healthy body! Building a foundation of analytical reasoning, well honed communication, & firm understanding of human psychology to support a versed & studied understanding of both the spirit & letter of the law.
The Animism ARG begins here with the University Campus Map. The map is a hub that points players to potential puzzles to solve, and reflects player progress as they unlock buildings and work towards bringing balance to the University.

Solving the puzzles the buildings point to will result with codes the player can enter to unlock the buildings. Unlocking a building will assert a Spirit’s full influence over the building, and will unlock an Avatar for the player to use that is associated with that deity.

Each building the player unlocks will reflect the color of its associated Spirit; Blue for Wetiko, Red for The Mother, & Yellow for The Trickster. There are three views of campus, each reflect one of the deities' unique perspectives.

There is a pyramid’s worth of Avatars that reflect a progression up to the Spirits themselves, three tribes comprised of seven Avatars each. The higher up the pyramid players reach, the more challenging the puzzles become.

The ultimate Avatar to attain is that of The Trickster, and true to form, there are two ways to attain him. Either solve all puzzles tied to the university buildings he influences, or unlock one of his siblings, Wetiko or The Mother, to unlock The Trickster’s hardest puzzle for his Avatar.